Why Eastar?

Eastar is responsive, dependable and quality driven to insure that our customers’ projects are completed on time, to the quality standard expected, and with substantial cost savings. Contact us to review your inquiry confidentially and let our experienced team show you how we deliver value and results.


Over 30 years of proven track record in successfully fulfilling custom manufacturing projects and competitive sourcing projects.


Eastar’s philosophy of transparency enables customers, producers and Eastar professional staff to work as a team to achieve project success.


The Eastar quality management system is developed by Western and Asian professionals through 30 years of operation in China and Inida , implemeneted throughout Eastar’s supply chain.

Corporate culture

Eastar is managed by US professionals with extensive experienced in western markets, strategic planning, corporate governance, standards and ethics.


Eastar’s bilingual project managers facilitate open and efficient communication between customers and suppliers.


Eastar’s “man in plant” professionals are located at production sites to perform monitoring duties; Eastar’s quality control lab in china retests and retains samples collected from all Chinese and Indian facilities we work with.


Broad range of technical expertise, unique technology platforms and strong technology transfer experience.


Eastar implements an Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) standard that is beyond levels required by regulators.


Local warehousing, inventory management and dedicated logistics team.


With over 30 years experience and offices in both India and China, Eastar’s affiliate facilities and vast network of producers enables its customers to select most suitable and price competitive facility for their project.