Eastar History

Founded in 1986, our core business in sourcing, custom manufacturing, and supply chain management in fine and specialty chemicals.

Eastar was founded in 1986 by Chairman, Charles Chu. Originally, Chairman Chu named the company China Chemical Trading Corporation; and it did exactly that traded chemicals from China to USA. Unlike many other trading companies, Eastar’s staff were experienced chemists and engineers that worked primarily with Chinese suppliers in the areas of process development and quality assurance. Eastar assisted China plants in the development of new and more efficient processes to custom produce chemicals that were not available in China. Eastar worked with US and European clients transferring technology to China and developing procedures to insure that confidentiality and IP rights were protected throughout the whole supply chain. Eastar developed a network of Chinese producers and imported their chemicals to USA. Eastar’s Quality Assurance and project management system guarantees reliable quality and on-time delivery. Eastar has earned its strong track record for successfully completing a wide range of projects.

In 1994, Charles’s son, Tony Chu, joined the company. Tony transformed the company from primarily a trading company to a custom/toll manufacturer and changed the company name to Eastar Chemical Corporation.

In 2010, Charles’s youngest son George Chu took over the company and has expanded it greatly. There are now offices in 5 different countries including United States, China, India, Europe and Japan. The future of Eastar is to continue expanding by implementing current technologies that improve our services delivered to our customers.


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