Custom Manufacturing

Through our R&D and lab in Shenyang China, we develop chemistries to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in price and quality for custom manufactured products. Chemical process is transferred from our R&D center in Shenyang to partner contract manufacturing plants in India and China.

Chemical synthesis is our strongest skill. Our broad range of chemistry capabilities allows Eastar to develop and manufacture an extensive range of tailor-made products for customers in numerous industries. Eastar has the experience to develop innovative and alternative pathways when appropriate and, at the same time, perform general reactions to bring the most value to their customers. Eastar’s capabilities’ production span from a gram for the pharmaceutical industry to thousands of metric ton quantities in polymers and monomers.

Our affiliate and our subcontract facilities are focused on reliable quality and low-cost production. Some highlights include:

  • ISO certified specialty chemical production facility
  • Flexible Pilot Plant with Kosher certification
  • Low temperature production (-70 ºC )
  • Catalytic hydrogenation (40 bar)
  • Phosgene chemistry and products
  • Capabilities to handle cyanide chemistry
  • Prostaglandin chemistry
  • Phosphorus chemistry

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