Eastar Case Studies

Eastarpresents some examples of precurement and custom synthesis projects where Eastar created benefits to our customers:

Pharma/Fine Chemicals Case Study #1

A European API producer wanted to source one advanced intermediate from China. Although the product was available from the internet and from various traders, they were looking for a reliable source with low and stable prices but also insurance that they could qualify this starting material and list the source in their DMF. They needed the plant to be not only audited but also monitored by QA professionals in China.

They also wanted to be able to exchange with a reliable, knowledgeable and well equipped QC on the impurity profile of this intermediate as it had an impact on the impurity profile of their API. As they had to answer questions from agencies and customers that could not suffer delayed or vague answers, they needed responsiveness and accuracy. Eastarperfectly matched all the customer’s expectations. The customer’s project was successfully carried out and it continues to be managed reliably by Eastar.

Pharma/Fine Chemicals Case Study #2

A medium-size pharma company in Europe anticipated that they would be facing generic competition on one of their main products. As the market of this product was also expanding, they had to revisit their entire supply chain. They had to optimize costs but also to maintain quality and compliance, secure starting materials availability and be able to access other markets. They quickly recognized the extensive knowledge in the chemistry and pharma business of Eastar’s personnel and appreciated Eastar’s ethical way of doing business. Eastar helped them to build a strategy and implement their plan for a new supply chain in which Eastar supplies them a key intermediate.

Specialty Chemicals Case Study #1

A major multinational plastics customer developed a new additive. They had successfully produced over 100MT of the product. However, the product is mainly used in Asia. Even though the customer had production facilities and numerous offices in Asia, they had problems coordinating with the different divisions and businesses of the company to efficiently produce and supply the product in Asia. The customer turned to Eastar to take advantage of Eastar’s production and marketing infrastructure in Asia. Our China supply team successful transferred the technology to our China affiliate facility and ensured quality reliable production. Eastar‘s marketing team quickly efficiently developed direct and agency sales to Asia customers. Eastar logistics manage the inventory and supply to Asian customers.

Specialty Chemicals Case Study #2

A major European customer supplying to the adhesive market have had numerous supply and quality problems from their European supplier. They also realized that single sourced from European supplier is a risk. Without any assistance from the customer, Eastar team successfully custom developed the chemical and supplied commercial quantity material to the customers global sites. The supply from Eastar gave the customer a significant cost reduction and avoided the risk of sourcing from only one supplier.

Colorants Case Study #1

A USA based colorants producer was having problems with their suppliers of a series of Diazo Salt Base products used in textile dyeing. Eastar’s R&D teamdeveloped a process to enhance the purity of the products which allowed better stability and consistent shades. This is an ongoing business for our Colorants Division.

Colorants Case Study #2

One of Eastar’s major customers was interested in marketing a special Optical Brightener product to enhance their portfolio for bid packages. Eastar’s teamand plant site custom made an Optical Brightener to meet the customers demands. In addition, Eastar’s ability to offer a direct supply chain from production to on-time deliveries direct to our customer’s end user site added value and lessened the work load for our customer.